Here are testimonials that have been written for me, and they are to me the most fulfilling reward.

Ho Geer How. Consultant/Program Director. NUS Overseas Colleges, Silicon Valley

I got to know Agnes by chance. She is able to put strangers at ease and we were chatting for hours, even concerning personal issues. After a while, I was convinced of her genuine friendship. Five months later, I decided to join her as a Financial Planner.

It was a trying journey for me as a Financial Planner. But Agnes never failed to encourage, mentor, train and share whatever she had learned throughout her career - all to help me succeed in the business. Her sincerity proved to me that she did not mind if I was just a friend, a client or associate.

The chapter ended after three months when I went ahead to pursue another career, but I will never forget the entire experience. With everything to gain and nothing to lose, I walked away with valuable knowledge and experience, a financial advisor and a true friend for life. The chapter has ended, but the story continues.

Steve Ong. Pioneering Financial Planner

It was February 2007. Six months before my National Service completion. I was at a crossroad. Lots of thoughts came to my mind - what shall I do next? I spoke to a lot of people but someone in particular stood out. My thoughts became clearer after a meeting with Agnes. She was referred to me by my sister, Bernice.

She brought me insights from her years of experience. I could really sense her genuine concern and also inspired by her vision - Good life, Good Income, Good Deeds. After several more meetings, I knew I will be in good hands.

I joined Agnes & associates in September 2007 and have not looked back since. Agnes guides me more then just about work, and almost anything from personal grooming to relationship issues. Agnes is more than just a manager. She is a mentor. I have changed for the better with her guidance throughout all these years. I am very grateful to her patience and time spent with me, especially during difficult times when I was at bottlenecks. She is always an inspiration to the team and never fail to rise to the challenges.

I am very fortunate and proud to be a part of the team.

Angie Ong. Head of Learning Centre, Manulife Singapore

A bright, cheerful, energetic and passionate leader, with great understanding of life and life insurance. That's what Agnes is all about