About Agnes Lim

I started my journey with Manulife in June 1994, a few months after I graduated with a full "A" Levels Full Certificate, majoring in economics and accounting.

Four months later, my only and younger brother, Mark, "had an accident" and almost lost his life. He did not own any insurance policy and his total medical cost amounted to SGD$80,000. By God's grace, my brother survived numerous surgeries. Borrowing from friends and relatives was out of question. We depended on donations to live on. With the help from the government, we managed to repay the hospital bills by installments eventually. This near-death experience of my brother, together with all the ordeals that my family went through strengthened my conviction in the importance of life insurance and financial planning.

Since then, I've single-mindedly walked in this career path for coming to two decades. It is my passion to reach out to as many people as possible. In 2006, I was promoted to be an Associate Manager. My role in management helped me grow as a person and leader. I've been able to share my experience and guide a newer generation of Financial Planners in the same quest which I'm passionate about.


Our vision is based on the 3 Gs, namely;

  1. Good Income - financial independence
  2. Good life - harmony, health and happiness
  3. Good deeds - contribution to charity and community, based on genuine compassion


To work with responsible individuals so as to achieve our 3 Gs vision, based on our 3 Ps values, namely;

  1. Progress in continual education
  2. Positive communication
  3. Personal growth and development