Agnes Lim & Associates
Agnes Lim & Associates
  • "In the past 3 years with Agnes, she's been a great support and I've seen myself growing both as a person and also financially.
    - Angie Lee, pioneering Financial Planner
  • "Having worked with Agnes for coming to 20 years, she is manager who is genuinely concerned about the well-being and growth of her people.
    - Tan Sia Keng, Senior Branch Director, Prestige Raffles Group, Manulife Singapore
  • "As a solution provider to Agnes' business, I've known her for the past 17 years. She is one of the most proactive manager that I've worked with, and she cares about people.
    - Samuel Koh, Director, Heartz Systems LLP.
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Manulife - For your Future
Join Us, and here's why

Agnes Lim & Associates is a part of the Prestige Raffles Group, which is one of the most accomplished organisation in the history of Manulife Singapore.
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Training Emphasis
Building your Career with Manulife

Whether you are fresh from school or an experienced professional, Manulife offers you a unique career that enables you to provide individuals and families the opportunity to transform their dreams into realities.
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Agnes' Charity Work
Giving back through Charity

I love to travel and this was a fulfillment of a different kind - Here are some photos of a few charity projects to the disadvantaged children of the third world.
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